Cyndi Munson

Cyndi Munson

Oklahoma Legislature - State Representative, District 85


CityOklahoma City
Year elected2015
Term limited year2028
RaceAsian American
Highest degree attainedMaster's degree
Marital statusSingle
OccupationOutreach director
Office phone(405) 557-7392
Capitol room539
LinksWebsite, Facebook


What do you hope to accomplish in the 2018 session?
I have filed legislation to regulate loperamide, an ingredient in Imodium and other anti-diarrhea drugs. It’s also an opiate, and I have a constituent whose son died at 29 of a heart attack after overdosing on Imodium. This is becoming a trend among people who may be having a withdrawal from heroin or some kind of opioid. It’s going to be tough. I’m already getting a lot of pushback. My goal is for them to be behind the counter as opposed to being sold over the counter. That’s going to take a lot of time and patience and working with different groups, but this is something I have become increasingly more passionate about, because of the opioid crisis in Oklahoma. Also, I always file bills on election reform, because I feel like the root cause of our issues in government in general, but also politics in Oklahoma, is that it’s tough to access your right to vote. I have a bill I’m bringing over from last session to eliminate the limit of how many ballots a notary public can notarize. I also filed a bill to make absentee ballot voting permanent. I continue to work on legislation I’m working to provide services to victims of sexual assault and domestic violence.

What do you hope the Legislature will accomplish?
I hope that we can move forward on finding revenue, and ensuring that it’s fair and equitable. We need to make sure we’re not targeting just one group, but that we’re finding a fair and sustainable way to get revenue into our budget, instead of one-time funding strategies, and taking from agencies and the revolving funds and cutting more programs. It’s getting scary and terrifying what we’re doing to our state, and I’m hoping that this year we will find a way to work together, and just be honest with each other about what’s going on, as opposed to just using rhetorical talking points, and trying win political points.

What should people know about you?
Despite how challenging this job is, I really do love it, and I really do work to put every ounce of myself into what I’m doing and to listen to both sides of every issue. I’m not afraid to listen to people who don’t agree with me, because I think I can learn something from those I’m having more difficult conversations with. I also want people to know that navigating government is very difficult. Many times I hear that the government can be run like a business ... but it’s not a business. It’s a service that we’re providing to take care of each other and take care of our community, and that’s what drives me to work.

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