Dennis Casey

Dennis Casey

Oklahoma Legislature - State Representative, District 35


Year elected2011
Term limited year2022
Highest degree attainedMaster's degree
Marital statusMarried
OccupationEducator, rancher
Office phone(405) 557-7344
Capitol room331
LinksWebsite, Facebook
Noteworthy: Vice chair, Appropriations and Budget


What do you hope to accomplish in the 2018 session?
As far as the big picture, there are always a lot of little things you hope you accomplish, but we hope we can fund our core services, by far that’s the most important thing. There are probably some areas that we fund that are not core services, but we have to be able to do something within education, with teacher salaries, we have to be much more competitive. So it all revolves around the budget.

What do you hope the Legislature will accomplish?
I think a large percentage of people agree that there’s some revenue that probably should be considered and looked at, but the problem has been, what is that going to look like, and I hope we can come to some kind of bipartisan decision on that? At some point, I’m hoping that we can grow and become more of statesmen than we are, partisan-wise.

What should people know about you?
I’ve learned a lot of things at the Capitol. For example, if you want people to respect what you have to say, you have to respect other people, even if you don’t agree with them. I think probably as much as anything is that people realize “I don’t have all the answers, I can compromise, I’m willing to roll up my sleeves and work, I’m willing to do those kinds of things, even sometimes when I don’t maybe agree, but to move us forward I’m willing to compromise.” It’s the only way you get anything done. As you can tell, we haven’t got a whole lot done, so the act of compromise has not worked very well.

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