Lewis Moore

Lewis Moore

Oklahoma Legislature - State Representative, District 96


Year elected2009
Term limited year2020
Highest degree attainedBachelor's degree
Marital statusMarried
Office phone(405) 557-7400
Capitol room329
LinksWebsite, Facebook
Noteworthy: Assistant majority whip.


What do you hope to accomplish in the 2018 session?
What I’ve been working on since last session has been health care and health insurance-related bills. I have some other things, like a resolution to repeal the 17th Amendment that determines how we choose our U.S. senators. It should be the responsibility like it was at the beginning of the Legislature for the Legislature to choose a U.S. senator and then they could recall them at any time. This way they don’t have a lifetime term in D.C. My number one bill, called the Patient Protection Act, would allow you to see any doctor, in or out of network, if that provider is willing to accept the payment that an in-network doctor, lab or hospital receives. It gives a lot more freedom of choice to patients, customers, and it saves you your out-of-pocket expenses ... Then I’ve got House Bill 3229 that says a network cannot fire your doctor if they recommend that you go out of the network for care or treatment or lab work. House Bill 3230 would allow facilities other than the big hospitals to have emergency rooms. So you could have an emergency room/urgent care center anywhere in the state.

What do you hope the Legislature will accomplish?
I’d like to see us get to where we can be on an even keel, where we’re more frugal, and as a state government more efficient. We’ve been in a recession/depression for over nine years. To give ourselves some breathing room, we’ve got to do something to make sure the revenue is correct, as we have serious needs on transportation and roads. Education is a big deal, and we’re way behind on education as far as outcomes, with Oklahoma City at 18 percent proficient and Tulsa at 22 percent efficient. We have a lot of awesome families with great kids doing things right, but we have 46,000 kids from Oklahoma City schools that aren’t getting the same opportunity, and we have to change things to get it better.

What should people know about you?
My kids are all out of the house and off to college, and it’s very sad. Learning how to go past their rooms and there’s no noise. I miss them immensely. They’re not very far away, though – they’re at OSU. My wife and I really enjoyed raising the kids, and Oklahoma’s been very good to us and I’m trying to return the favor.

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