Marty Quinn

Marty Quinn

Oklahoma Legislature - State Senator, District 2


Year elected2014
Term limited year2022
Highest degree attainedBachelor's degree
Marital statusMarried
OccupationInsurance agent
Office phone(405) 521-5555
Capitol room419


What do you hope to accomplish in the 2018 session?
I’m not a personal individual. I’m not interested in taking the camera. I know sometimes those things come your way, but I’m not in it for the publicity. I want to try and make sure we give each issue the correct assessment that is possible. I don’t do this for any self-promotion at all. I definitely want to be a good, effective legislator.

What do you hope the Legislature will accomplish?
I think we need to have a balanced revenue and tax structure. One of the ways we can do that is tackling some issues in special interest, such as tax credits. There hasn’t been the kind of effort that is needed to tackle that. If we’re giving away a tax dollar from an average citizen and investing it in other corporations or segments of the economy, then we need to make sure we get a return on that investment. I think there’s at least a billion or two dollars that need to be looked at. Even though we’ve had some across-the-board cuts in our state agencies, I think it’s time to have a targeted analysis and make sure that if an agency is spending dollars, that those dollars are justified.

What should people know about you?
There’s always going to be things that we are passionate about. It’s because of the way we were raised or influenced. I have some strong principles, values and beliefs that I will do my best to hold true to and do the best job that I can. At the same time, I’m going to be open-minded, because even if we disagree, I think being open-minded allows you to learn more about an issue. Doing so may even strengthen your position, by having dialogues with those individuals. I want to take a Christian approach, to be as kind, loving and approachable as the next person.

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