Office Of Management And Enterprise Serv

1,556 employees in fiscal year 2019
Total payroll: $66,849,776

Top Earners

Name Job Pay
Frank H Lawler Medical Director $173,535
James L Reese CIO $163,335
Denise M Northrup Director of OMES $161,083
Gloria J Geiger State Budget Director $124,972
Jeania L Bajema State Comptroller $122,935
Matthew A Singleton Chief Operating Officer $122,935
Frank R Wilson EGID Administrator $120,271
Sarjoo H Shah Technology Strategy Director $116,308
Kathryn A Pendarvis General Counsel $115,573
Daniel G Ross DCAM Administrator $111,797
Brandy J Manek Dir of Budget, Policy & Gaming $111,673
Patsy L Leisering Data Driven Service Director $110,864
Donald J Moore Application Services Director $110,735
Shelley A Reeves Director of Public Affairs $110,337
Diana K O'Neal Deputy Administrator $107,935
Ferris J Barger State Purchasing Director $107,235
Dustin C Crossfield Director, Technology Services $106,985
Carol L Mcfarland Business Services Director $103,107
Jennie L Pratt Certified Public Accountant II $102,829
Paul S King Dir. of Compliance & IP $100,028

Office Of Management And Enterprise Serv pay breakdown

Pay type Paid Percentage
Employee Exp.Allow-Reportable$2000%
Holiday Pay - Payroll Only$2,6500%
Longevity Pay-State Employees$1,446,7252%
Overtime Wages$44,9900%
Sals-Non-Reg Pay$271,2770%
Sals-Regular Pay$63,686,86995%
Terminal Leave$1,397,0612%


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