Department Of Corrections

5,903 employees in fiscal year 2019
Total payroll: $189,281,707

Top Earners

Name Job Pay
Joe B Mccurdy Chief Medical Ofcr (Board Cert $189,655
Joe M Allbaugh Director $185,626
Darrel E Schreiner Lead Psychiatrist $184,750
Roy T Donovan Lead Psychiatrist $184,702
Rajeswararaju Bhupathiraju Psychiatrist $172,437
Lawrence H Trombka Psychiatrist $171,811
James T Howard Psychiatrist $171,599
Bruce L Meyer Regional Supervising Physician $157,950
Paula B Gettys Regional Supervising Physician $157,438
Ross L Fisher Regional Supervising Physician $156,824
Michael Houston Lead Staff Physcn II (Board Ce $153,583
Larry D Bowler Lead Staff Physcn II (Board Ce $152,811
Bobby J Thompson Lead Staff Physcn II (Board Ce $152,599
Willienell B Pitts Staff Physician $143,750
Karis A Bernhardt Staff Physician $142,176
Charles P Crowell Staff Physician $142,176
Jonathan K Brewer Staff Physician $142,000
Dwayne L Roush Staff Physician $141,505
Dennis E Deakins Staff Physician $135,306
James R Holland Chief Dental Officer $130,849

Department Of Corrections pay breakdown

Pay type Paid Percentage
Employee Exp.Allow-Reportable$163,2000%
Holiday Pay - Payroll Only$1,233,0451%
Longevity Pay-State Employees$3,654,7582%
Overtime Wages$18,563,45710%
Pay Differential$113,4660%
Sals-Non-Reg Pay$4,738,5233%
Sals-Regular Pay$158,624,04484%
Signing Incent.Pln Pmts Non DP$118,7400%
Terminal Leave$2,072,4701%


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