Dept. Of Environmental Quality

664 employees in fiscal year 2019
Total payroll: $30,800,906

Top Earners

Name Job Pay
Scott A Thompson Executive Director $137,302
Jimmy D Givens Deputy Director $123,514
Catherine M Sharp Director of Support Services $116,192
John E Terrill Division Director $115,992
Saba Tahmassebi Engineering Manager $115,592
Kelly K Dixon Division Director $115,592
Richard A Mcdaniel Division Director $115,592
Shellie R Chard Division Director $115,392
Lloyd A Kirk Dir of Pub Info and Education $114,292
Christophe J Armstrong Division Director $108,114
Robert F Rood Environmental Programs Manager $107,399
Beverly Botchlet Smith Environmental Programs Manager $105,599
Jeffrey B Franklin Environmental Programs Manager $105,399
Loree L Boyanton Environmental Programs Manager $105,199
Roy D Walker Programs Manager $104,687
Terence E Lyhane Customer Services Supervisor $104,499
Skylar Mcelhaney Customer Service Specialist I $104,249
Kathy A Aebischer Customer Service Specialist I $101,111
Karla A Addington Programs Manager $99,863
Hillary L Young Engineering Manager $98,863

Dept. Of Environmental Quality pay breakdown

Pay type Paid Percentage
Longevity Pay-State Employees$653,5862%
Overtime Wages$1790%
Pay Differential$45,0830%
Sals-Non-Reg Pay$1,672,4255%
Sals-Regular Pay$28,239,82692%
Terminal Leave$189,8051%


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