Oklahoma State Senate

218 employees in fiscal year 2019
Total payroll: $8,306,644

Top Earners

Name Job Pay
Caroline W Dennis Director of Operations $134,600
Brian K Phillips Director of Administration $113,186
Ashley M Kehl Chief of Staff $111,224
Mathew C Duehning Director of Operations $107,650
Anthony D Sammons Asst Dir, Fiscal & Programs $107,438
Cheryl A Purvis Bill Drafting Attorney $104,737
Elizabeth A Park-Capron Division Director $102,270
Duy D Ngo Information Systems Director $96,876
Malia K Bennett Director of Communications $95,694
Aaron K Cooper Communications Director $87,600
Joanie C Raff Legislative Fiscal Analyst $84,392
Lori D Block Bill Drafting Attorney $84,134
Roger Pirrong Supervisor & Custodian of Supp $83,179
Tracy E Kersey Legislative Fiscal Analyst $80,641
Nancy A Pellow Legislative Fiscal Analyst $77,414
Rebecca D Welch Division Director $77,127
Janis Nelsen Human Resources Coordinator $73,184
Terry L Raymond Data Processing Specialist $71,675
Christopher C Turner Bill Drafting Attorney $70,556
Justin R Cajindos Legislative Researcher (SPCL) $70,375

Oklahoma State Senate pay breakdown

Pay type Paid Percentage
Individ.Incent.Pay-Safety Awds$6,0270%
Longevity Pay-State Employees$154,2762%
Sals-Non-Reg Pay$221,9933%
Sals-Regular Pay$6,134,55074%
Sals-Regular Pay Legislature$1,771,17621%
Terminal Leave$18,6190%


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