State Treasurer

67 employees in fiscal year 2019
Total payroll: $2,735,036

Top Earners

Name Job Pay
Andrew L Messer State Bond Advisor $126,600
Craig W Sanger State Trsr Compl Ofcr/Int Audi $114,937
Lisa Murray Chief Investment Officer $102,551
Timothy M Allen Deputy Treasurer for Pol & Adm $96,080
Kiranmaye Nallayahgari Administrative Programs Ofcr $93,625
Kathy C Janes Administrative Programs Ofcr $91,680
Susan Nicewander Deputy Treasurer for Opns $83,622
Charles L Hover Administrative Programs Ofcr $81,176
Robert K Knight Assistant Director of Unclaim $76,415
Hyuk Chan Administrative Programs Ofcr $71,176
Natalie S Garcia Claims Auditor I $68,780
Donna M Beeman Certified Public Accountant $65,750
Deidra Salim Administrative Programs Ofcr $65,249
Marria B Carter Administrative Programs Ofcr $65,211
Li Lu Claims Auditor $63,649
Kale Leeper Administrative Programs Ofcr $59,188
Ken Miller State Treasurer $57,772
Vickie I Colwell Accountant $57,631
John R Mcdaniel State Treasurer $56,940
Donice L Blakely Senior Unclaimed Property Audi $56,756

State Treasurer pay breakdown

Pay type Paid Percentage
Longevity Pay-State Employees$43,0532%
Overtime Wages$17,3101%
Pay Differential$5000%
Sals-Non-Reg Pay$204,1347%
Sals-Regular Pay$2,406,11688%
Terminal Leave$63,9222%


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